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Jun 25

Astra Militarum Veterans in 8th edition 40k.


Edited: Jun 25

I was talking with another 40k Tallarn player today discussing vets in 8th edition simply because I want to model them using RO Desert Reaver torsos and GW GSC Neophite legs. Images of test models below...





My question for the hive mind would be do you find any valid tactics for them? If so what do you think they need? There is the Melta suicide squad but that gets pricey, especially if you give them a transport which they kinda sorta need. My friend suggested three Grenade launchers and an auto-cannon with no transport for mid range support. I keep warming up to the idea, but haven't played in a while so not sure. What do you guys think? Other suggestions? Shotguns in a transport? I dunno.

Jun 25

Tallarn are pretty mobile so I think the melta squad is a good idea but deep striking units are probably better suited for carrying those. Maybe the grenades or plasma really is the best choice. I'm not sure what weaknesses they have that could be filled with such a versatile unit. A lot of the guard choices overlap in terms of what they're good for. As a Valhallan commander I'd want to use them to fire into combats so I'd give them flamers and plasma.

I think flamers would be wasting the BS of the vets. Its the only improved stat they have, and flamers don't benefit from it. I can't ever argue with Plasma though. My biggest struggle with vets is that Scions are better and regular grunts are cheaper. That said, I would love to build a vet squad with three flamers and a heavy flamer. That would be some fun conversion options, lol. I think that would be fine for Catachan, or perhaps Vallhallan, but Tallarn in particular have a harder time justifying I think. I had not really considered shotguns before, but they could work well with the meltas, I just worry about them getting prioritiezed as a target and massacred just before they can get in range. lol. May do grenade launchers to be safe. Lord knows I have enough of them.

Jun 25

It's true about the BS but it's the only way to pack in so many flamers! The grenade launchers are a bit more versatile though. I think the main benefit you're going to find is that their ability to advance and still shoot without penalty could surprise your opponent. They might believe they're parking valuable units just out of range and you're going to be able to prove them wrong. Also the more I think about it the more certain I am that you're going to want to mount them in a vehicle or use their ambush stratagem to get them into the fight unscathed. They're still soft like a normal squad and a priority target with all the gear they're packing. Ambushing veterans. Doesn't get more thematic than that.

Yeah, the ambush stratagem is where I started. And I keep coming back to it. I wonder how that would work with flamers...

i suppose it depends on your opponents list too. What’s going to remove more of his points anti armor or flames? Might need alternate models! 😅😜

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