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Show off your conversions and discuss the fine art of plastic surgery.

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Discuss 3d Printers and techniques to setting up and achieving the best prints.

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It's a dusty place where killing happens. Lots of killing.

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Talk tactics, strategy, and lists for your favorite war games.

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Step by step guides for painting, conversions, and more!

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  • I was talking with another 40k Tallarn player today discussing vets in 8th edition simply because I want to model them using RO Desert Reaver torsos and GW GSC Neophite legs. Images of test models below... My question for the hive mind would be do you find any valid tactics for them? If so what do you think they need? There is the Melta suicide squad but that gets pricey, especially if you give them a transport which they kinda sorta need. My friend suggested three Grenade launchers and an auto-cannon with no transport for mid range support. I keep warming up to the idea, but haven't played in a while so not sure. What do you guys think? Other suggestions? Shotguns in a transport? I dunno.
  • Long overdue Rough Rider conversion. Details in link.
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